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Monitor your RV with RV Command

RV Command is a complete remote monitoring package for your camper, trailer, motor home, or recreational vehicle. RV Command allows you to view all of your RV’s vital signs directly from your Computer, Android, iPad, or iPhone. Receive instant text message (SMS) & email alerts when you need it most.
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Ensure the safety of your investment with RV Command

RV monitoring with Android, iPhone, iPad and Web.

Easy and simple to use!

  1. Install the device on your RV
  2. Visit connect.rv-command.com
  3. Monitor, manage and control your RV!
  4. Start now!

RV Command’s features

  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Two security entry alarms
  • Geofence alarm
  • Auxiliary battery monitoring
  • Shore power monitoring
  • Engine hours usage monitoring
  • GPS tracks and routes
  • Inside temperature
  • Weather
  • Unlimited users
  • Control lighting, ac/heater and more
  • Email & text message (SMS) alerts

Why choose RV Command?

Our #1 priority is you, the user and the safety and connectivity of your RV. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your RV as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, RV Command constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.
RV Command’s new device makes it easy for RV owners to connect directly to their RVs. From there they can monitor their vehicle’s vital signs in real time, set up alerts for unusual activity, and even control desired functions, such as lighting, refrigeration, or air conditioning. All this for only $8.99/month for a remote RV Monitor.
RV Command transmits your RV’s vital data via cellular towers to our cloud servers.

“It’s so nice to know that our RV is going to work when we’re ready to use it.”

“My husband and I have owned an RV since we were in our 30s. I won’t say how old we are now but we’re experienced RVers. We heard about the RV Command system from one of our friends and decided to try it out for ourselves. It’s so nice to know that our RV is going to work when we’re ready to use it. I wish the RV Command system was around when we got our first RV.” – Leslie R.


I just installed my RV Command and am already loving it! The worst part of owning an RV has been the worry that comes along with it, and RV Command has eliminated the worry. I can check up on the website to make sure everything looks good and RV Command sends me alerts when something needs my attention. Now all I have to do is have fun!
Roger M.
The RV Command device is great! They really made it simple to use. At first, I was a little skeptical about putting more technology on my RV, but since my grandkids got RV Command for me for Christmas I decided to put it on. It’s been pleasantly easy to use. My grandkids put the website on my phone and I’ve been RV Commanding ever since.
Henry P.
I’m a huge deer hunter in the fall and I’ve got a small camper that I keep on some of my family’s land a few hours away. It’s a pretty secluded place and my camper has been tampered with in the past. I put an RV Command on my camper after deer season and got a security alert this spring. I had one of my cousins check it out and there were some high school kids partying at my camper. Luckily my cousin got there before any damage was done. Thank you RV Command for keeping my camper safe.
Chad F.
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